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Mosca uses recyclable straps for its strapping machines and seals the packaged goods with ultrasound instead of heat. This saves material and energy.

Mosca GmbH is a leading manufacturer of strapping machines, high-quality strapping and complex systems for securing transported goods.

Maximum transport security with minimum need for packaging material: this makes strapping as the last step in the packaging line particularly sustainable. A narrow plastic strap secures even heavy and bulky goods reliably and efficiently.

Mosca GmbH's goal is to make this minimal packaging even more sustainable. For example, 100 percent recycled materials are used in the production of PET strapping. Mosca also relies on a high recycled content for PP strapping in order to conserve resources and save CO2. In principle, packaging with strapping can be separated by type. This means that the strapping can be removed from the goods to be secured without leaving any residues and can be returned to the recyclable material cycle.

Mosca's strapping machines are characterised in particular by their energy efficiency. The patented SoniXs unit, for example, uses ultrasound instead of heat to securely seal the ends of the strapping. This means that it only consumes energy at certain points, as the warm-up phase of a classic hot-wedge unit is not required. In addition, there are wear-free direct drives in the machines, which generate minimal friction and therefore work in a particularly energy-efficient manner. In newer machine models, Mosca replaces pneumatic or hydraulic drives with electrical systems that consume significantly less energy. With optional standby functionality, Mosca machines also switch automatically into an energy-saving mode.

With these features, strapping proves to be a resource-saving process for bundling, sealing or securing transport goods in a wide range of industries, from the corrugated cardboard and paper industry to mail order and logistics, right through to the building materials or food industry.


At a glance

  • Environmentally friendly strapping saves resources and CO2
  • PET strapping made from 100 percent recycled materials
  • PP strapping with high recycled content
  • Packaging with strapping can be separated by type
  • Ultrasound instead of heat makes strapping machines energy efficient
  • Energy saving mode
  • Fields of application: various industries: Corrugated cardboard and paper industry, mail order and logistics, building materials or food industry.




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